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North Wall Press Release

August 14, 2018

For immediate release:


A new mural in The Dalles has passersby pulling off the freeway!­­

The Dalles has a rich history featuring the mighty Columbia River and awe-inspiring landscapes, but it’s quickly becoming a hub for artists, creators, entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts.

As a testament to this, a privately commissioned new mural, by Pacific NW native and internationally acclaimed artist, Blaine Fontana, has recently been gifted to the city. 

With its North wall facing to the freeway and East facing wall to downtown, the mural is designed to attract new visitors, welcome home locals, while elevating and revitalizing the historical downtown area.

This is the first of many “Valley Gorge” projects to come. In an effort to unite the communities surrounding the Columbia River Gorge, Valley Gorge plans to build a more inclusive mecca for creativity, culture, outdoor recreation, and opportunities for new and existing local businesses.

Fontana’s signature dynamic design, mixed symbolism, multimedia process, and cultural and historical sensitivities are brought to life in this epic street art endeavor.

The North wall, located at 420 East 1st St., covers 4,800 sq. ft., absorbing over 700 cans of aerosol paint. That equates to nearly one ton!

From left to right, local wildlife is honored in these larger-than-life, painterly depictions of Bass, Sturgeon, Chinook Salmon, Black Bear, Mountain Sheep, Cougar, Western Meadowlark, Osprey, Blue Jay, Crow, and Chestnut Backed Chickadee nestled under the Valley Gorge lettering.

Fontana’s long-time colleague and local muralist, Toma Villa, an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation, collaborated and consulted on the mural. Other notable artists working under Fontana’s creative direction, include nationally celebrated fine art studio creatives, Jeremy Nichols and Jeff Sheridan.

Locals and visitors are encouraged to come down to 1st and Laughlin St. to see in the artists’ work in progress, take photos, and share them.

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East Wall Mural Coming Soon!